Launching my blog

I’m not what you would call an early adopter of technology or social media. But I’m now convinced that it is the way of the future and so I am getting on board.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of guidelines or rules to follow regarding blogging. However, I have learned a couple of things. A business blog is primarily a place to voice one’s opinion and share ideas and information and it presents an opportunity to create a meaningful dialog between the blogger and their audience.

This blog will be a place for me to:

  • Communicate my thoughts on current events related to my areas of expertise.
  • Create a resource that will contain excellent articles on the subjects of CEO succession planning and executive talent review.
  • Review books I’ve been reading on talent management or governance topics.
  • Share some insights gathered from my personal experiences. For instance, I am off to France in the fall to teach a course on CEO succession planning at INSEAD.  No doubt I will learn a thing or two about the European governance environment that will be worth talking about.

My old website had a resource called “Recommended Reading”, where I posted short reviews of books I’ve read and provided links to articles that I felt were worthwhile passing along. Since I plan to continue providing you with such a resource, I thought I’d use some of my first few blogs to migrate over my old favourites. All articles and book reviews will be catalogued by category for easy access.

And since a dialog is a two-way conversation, your comments are always welcome. Please feel free to add to the discussion whenever the spirit moves you. I’d also love to hear about anything you’ve read or heard lately on the subject of CEO succession planning or talent management that would enlighten me and add value for other readers.

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